Located in Tabiano Bagni by the town of Salsomaggiore, a few miles from Fidenza, Villa Verdi (ex Hotel Grande and former private residence of Maria Luisa) was the hotel where Giuseppe Verdi spent many hot summers from 1858 to 1892.

He favoured Tabiano compared to Salsomaggiore because more quiet and secluded, this location was for seven summers more than just a holiday destination. The healing properties of mineral waters rich in hydrogen sulphide were defined by Giuseppe Verdi “miraculous” in a letter of 1885.

One of his favorite refuges, rather close to Busseto and Sant’Agata, well connected to San Domninus (Fidenza) was an ideal place to rest, to find relief during the sweltering summer in the country, but also to “escape diplomatically” to tasks that he did not like.

For example, on the day of the inauguration of the theater dedicated to him in Busseto, August 15, 1868, Verdi did not attend the inauguration, preferring instead a short stay in the hotel in Tabiano.

Between a thermal cure and the other in the surrounding gardens, in the quiet of a small town, Giuseppe Verdi drew the inspiration for new compositions. It ‘s still well preserved and exposed in the garden the marble table where the Maestro worked. The beautiful oval table in fact the hotel was so particularly appreciated by the Maestro that he asked to have the opportunity to buy it from Pandos brothers, owners of the residence. But he gave up when the owners offered it to him as a gift.

Since 1999 that hotel has become a nursing home, but you can still breathe the tranquillity and the sense of harmony so dear to Giuseppe Verdi.

Viale Fidenza 3
43039 Tabiano Bagni