Did you know that Verdi’s type of beard is a style worldwide acknowledged and demanded by the lovers of hipster style?

You are probably wondering how to get it. Well, it’s very easy.

First of all, it is necessary to grow the beard of about 3/4 cm, keeping it tidy on each side.

Secondly, it needs to be rubbed out on neck and cheeks with a styler movement so as to itch it to get the typical pinnacle that distinguishes it.

Sure enough Claudio Ferrari, a young Verdi from Albinea, has skills when it comes to beards, and especially if it is the Verdi’s type of beard!

Just think that he ranked eight in the World Beards and Moustaches Championship.

Maybe not many people are familiar with it, but this contest is quite famous internationally and has a strong call, especially now that hipster style is catching on and is becoming more and more popular among young people all over the world.

During the contest hundreds of competitors challenge one another with beards and mustaches to earn the deserved “celebrity”.

The next match is in Texas in 2017 and Claudio is very focused, still burned for not being placed on the podium.

All is left to do in these months is to continue practicing with beards and hoping in a more favourable committee.

The only question: is it better to reproduce the beloved style of the opera composer or to try something more international like the beard of the hero of two worlds?

42020 Albinea