Besides his famous types of risotto, Giuseppe Verdi would appreciate poultry.

The credit for this tendency goes to Giuseppina, who would breed chickens, turkeys and ducks in the henhouse of their villa.

The opera composer would also like the bushmeat of his surroundings.

He would catch the quails with nets, and, to those who wouldn’t be dumb to fall for it, he wouldn’t spare some gunshot.

The Mayor of Busseto, probably unaware of his passion for poultry, gave him a peacock to honor the park of the Villa of Sant’Agata.

The bird, anyway, did not stay in the garden for long, ending up shot soon.

Verdi ordered to bone him, and then to baste it with bacon, radicchio of Chioggia, eggs, salami paste, bread and grated cheese, and to finally garnish it with feathers, head and tail.

The Mayor himself was invited for this exotic lunch. We can imagine his surprise in seeing his poor peacock on the midday meal!

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