The première of “Traviata” was performed on March, 6th 1853 and unbelievably, it was a complete failure!

It should be noted that Verdi reacted imperturbably, he wrote: “Last night the Traviata was a failure. Is it me to blame or the singers? The time will tell.”

This is a clear signal of the confidence of Verdi, that was sure of having given birth to a work destined to be successful and, at the same time, it is a complaint about the questionable choosing of the performers for the première, choices accepted but not shared by the opera composer.

The incompetence of the performers, the formal innovations and obscene themes for that time caused a dismay in the public that even hissed.

An unexpected debut for a work nowadays ranked at the top.

Performed the next year in Venice, it was a rejoicing of applauses that hasn’t stopped yet.

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