By Stefano Bianchi (AIDA – Club dei 27)

One day Verdi went to the blacksmith shop and asked the craftsman to take a look at his safe, as he could not open it anymore.
The blacksmith was too busy to go to Villa Sant’Agata, so he sent his apprentice instead.

Verdi took the young man in front of the safe, and stood up behind him to supervise the opening maneuver, which he believed to be time-consuming and complicated.

The apprentice, more by luck than anything else, grabbed the first key that came to his hand from the bunch that had brought with him and slipped it into the safe lock: a sudden click and immediately the safe opened.

Verdi jumped backwards and immediately dismissed the young man.

After a few days, he returned to the shop and said to the blacksmith: “Please, Sir, never send your apprentice to my house again!”; the blacksmith, worried that his assistant had not behaved properly, asked: “Why? What did the boy do wrong? “. “Nothing, nothing. But please don’t send him again.” Promptly Verdi replied.

The reason came to light later: the fact that the boy opened the safe so quickly convinced Verdi that he was an expert burglar, so he didn’t want him to come to his villa again…