Entering the Teatro Verdi in Busseto is somehow like stepping gingerly and reverently in a church.

In this small and perfect jewel, built between 1856 and 1857, walking between the stalls and the boxes you can perceive throughout the sanctity of the largest temples of music, but contained in the most intimate and elegant dimensions of the city of Busseto.

From the royal box, watching the scene where today scenic design of Verdi’s Falstaff are placed, we can imagine the enthusiasm of music lovers for the Maestro, who was born right there.

We know, Verdi was at odds with his former countrymen, his experiences living abroad and in the world of scholars led him perhaps too far ahead of his contemporaries in Busseto, but the city continued, in spite of this troubled relationship, to love him.

It’s nice to imagine people of Busseto celebrating Verdi exactly one hundred years ago, on the centenary of his birth, while Toscanini conducted the orchestra, it’s nice to think of the future talents and celebrities who have taken the first steps here and think about their life, so far, but so similar to ours.

Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, 10
43011 Busseto