Parma and music are two entities closely connected to really ancient times and since the Roman foundation of Parma theatres have always been an integral part of the structure and culture of the city.

This wonderful temple of opera owes its construction to Maria Luisa, Napoleon’s wife and the Duchess of Parma, including the close relationship between citizenship and music, who decided to give this gem to Parma, at that time called Teatro Ducale.

Very experienced by people of Parma of all social classes, it is still a living organ within the city, its gallery burns and trembles because of the valid but sharp comments of loggionisti, dreaded by directors, musicians and singers, and the foyer is still an important showcase for people that count.

An evening at the Regio is also a great way to learn about Parma, the people from Parma and the small and great features of this community.

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 16a
43121 Parma