A little far from Verdi’s birthplace is located this sanctuary where people since 1600 venerates an ancient image of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Here the young Verdi learned the rudiments of music, but this ancient shrine is remembered mostly because it was the scene of a curious story related to the young Verdi.

It is said that while serving Mass in the church of Roncole, Verdi was raptured by the sound of the organ and, because of his not attending to his tasks, he was punished with a humiliating kick from the village priest.

The little impetuous Giuseppe reacted wishing the priest being struck by lightning.

Well, not long later a lightning killed the priest in the church of Madonna dei Prati along with four other people.

Verdi was saved because he did not arrive in time to the function.

Loc. Madonna dei Prati
43011 Busseto