In the main square of the town dedicated to the Maestro, just behind the imposing statue of Verdi, looking almost angry his fellow villagers, we can see the large and elegant fortress owned by the Marquis Pallavicino.

Dating back to the thirteenth century, a period in which the Family was becoming powerful , it was remodeled several times and adapted to the needs of a growing family.

It is intriguing to think that Verdi has been able to see with his own eyes at least two of its transformations: its present appearance dates back to 1857, when it was rebuilt in neo-Gothic style, preserving the high tower, the large courtyard and valuable windows tiles.

On that occasion people of Busseto built the theater they wished to dedicate to Giuseppe Verdi, their spiritual son.

Only by identifying the gruff and outspoken character of Verdi we can imagine why he, for long at odds with his fellow villagers, guilty of not having appreciated his relationship with Giuseppina Strepponi, disagreed about such ” waste” of money and never set foot on the theater protected by the walls of the fortress.

Today the castle is home to the City of Busseto , Theatre and the tourist office.

Piazza Giuseppe Verdi
43011 Busseto