Along Via Roma, next to Palazzo Orlandi where Verdi lived for a few years, you find the palace of the Comune Vecchio (Veccio).

This beautiful fifteenth-century building, it is still decorated with splendid mullioned windows and a fine Renaissance tile frieze.

On the ground floor of the building, an old bar welcomes us with a flavor all nineteenth century that speaks of sophistication and small talk of the town.

Here Verdi is more present than ever, not only in various prints hanging on the walls of the luxurious room, but even in the chatter of the people, the faces, the flavor of the place still immersed in the era of the Cigno di Busseto.

The fifteenth-century building has mullioned windows with tile ornaments depicting cherubs and vines.

In the frieze ledge we find tiles with harpies linked together by the tail and classic vessels. All tile decorations came out of the furnace of Cremona De Stavolis.

On the ground floor there is a porch once called “La Ragione”, where justice was administered.

Piazza G. Verdi, 3
43011 Busseto