The Palace was the residence of the Marquis Sanvitale, one of the most important families of Parma (and lords among others of the beautiful castle of Fontanellato), since Alessandro Sanvitale celebrated there the marriage of his son Luigi in the seventeenth century.

The palace underwent several changes over the centuries and its present appearance is the result of the last restoration in 1787. Over the years it was used as a residence for eminent guests and also hosted Napoleon.

Verdi asked in vain the family Sanvitale for funds for his education and although these were oriented to patronage and the promotion of the arts, they were unable to recognize the talent of the Maestro.

To prove how the family was interested in culture we can admire the numerous works of art accumulated by several generations and present in the palace.

Piazzale Jacopo Sanvitale, 1 1
43100 Parma