The Monte di Pietà in Busseto was established in 1537 as will of the Marquis Pallavicini to fight usury, helping the poor through the loan pledge.

Raised and loved by Busseto people, the pawnshop supported the nearest hospital, established a fund for the victims of famine and was close to those who had been in a position of need.

It was thanks to this that the young Verdi, not properly belonging to high social classes, was able to study and train for Milan and begin the journey that led him to be the myth we know today.

Thankfully, Verdi gave large donations to the pawnshop, which continued to exist for a long time and is active still today, being part of the group Cariparma, carrying out tasks in support of the needy and cultural activities.

Via Roma 38
43011 Busseto