The orchestra “G.Verdi” was founded in Parma in 1946.

At the initiative of Marshal Campanini, different musicians from former music groups gathered in one association that gave birth to an orchestra dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi.

Throughout the time the group has gone through moments of prestige and difficulty, until the turning point in 1985.

This was indeed the year when has started the path of growth of an orchestra that has then established a stable music class, has took the nature of a band for concerts and has started to include on the establishment plan graduates and students of the Conservatory of Parma.

1990 was another important year: the orchestra concluded an economic agreement and a collaboration with Comune di Parma (Parma Municipality).

After fourteen years under the direction of Roberto Lupi, today the orchestra “G. Verdi” is directed by Alberto Orlandi.

via Argonne, 4
43100 Parma