Close to the Collegiata, this small and delicious eighteenth-century church was the scene of the first marriage of Giuseppe Verdi with the daughter of his mentor: Margherita Barezzi.

It is exciting to see the place where the life of the young Verdi was taking a decisive and at the same time only partial change for his future.

Giuseppe Verdi would not have been able to think on that happy day about the things he would do, to the places he would visit and the pain he would experience with the death of his wife.

It was a different Verdi with respect to that we usually see in the history books, definitely excited, enthusiastic, hopeful, with a future ahead.

Visiting the oratory then, you cannot help noticing the bas relief depicting the Blessed Rolando de Medici.

He could have been a wealthy nobleman of the fifteenth century, but he decided to become a hermit and live in the lands that would later give birth to Giuseppe Verdi.

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