Strongly supported by the collector Glauco Lombardi, this Museum collects the testimonies of Parma relevant to the Bourbon period and the beloved Duchess Maria Luigia, Duchess of Parma from 1815 to 1847, and of her husband Napoleon Bonaparte .

True image of that time, it offers an intimate atmosphere and becomes almost the indiscreet eye that observes the habits and daily life of those who have made ​​the history of the city and set out the main features.

Since this was a community and a small duchy, the court and the people could breathe “the same air“, influence and almost know each other.

The collection, reorganized in a new exhibiting structure in 2000, houses many heirlooms of Maria Luigia and of her husband Napoleon Bonaparte (the luminous Hall of Feasts displays Maria Luigia’s ceremonial gown and portraits of Napoleon and the Duke of Reichstadt), as well as several paintings and artistic objects of Parma of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, among which also the print series Masquerade à la gréque of Petitot, to which an entire room is dedicated.

In a context like that flourished in fact the first ideas of progress, art, culture … music, that gathered together and involved everybody.

It was from the same people that Verdi came up and asserted himself at court, dedicating right to Maria Luigia one of his major works.

Strada Giuseppe Garibaldi, 15
43010 Parma