Verdi was named honorary citizen of Parma and the city erected for him a magnificent monument.

What we see today next to the Pilotta, however, is only the “small” central altar of a much bigger complex dedicated to the majestic Cigno di Busseto, which was situated in front of the railway station, in the area today called Via Verdi.

Consisting of a large triumphal arch surmounted by lions driving a mythological chariot and high arcades surmounted by terraces, it was damaged during the bombings of World War II.

Despite the damage were not serious, they decided to raze it to the ground because of the need to rebuild the city after the war.

Out of the 28 original statues that adorned it, representing the works of the Maestro, some were saved from destruction thanks to the initiative of a few individuals and enthusiasts, who brought them to safety.

Some can still be seen in Roccabianca in the room called “Arena del Sole“.

Ara del monumento a Giuseppe Verdi, Piazzale della Pilotta
43121 Parma