By Stefano Bianchi (AIDA – Club dei 27)

It happened one day that, while the young Verdi was doing the altar boy during the Mass, he was so enchanted by the organ music, that he forgot to hand out the water and wine cruets: when the priest kicked him to shake him by the its torpor.

Peppino tumbled down from the steps he was kneeling on, and swore at the priest more or less in this way “Cha t ‘jump’ n saièta” (may a thunder hit you).

A few years later – while Verdi, now a young man, was going to Madonna di Prati to play the organ during a function to be held in the church of this nearby village, he bumped into a violent storm and found shelter in a house situated along the road.

During this storm, a thunder hit the church and killed a few people, including their priest who – a few years earlier – the young Verdi addressed the ominous (obviously not really meaning what he was saying).

And, it was due to the delay he arrived to the church that Verdi had saved his life.

A plaque has been placed outside the church in memory of these terrible facts occurred on 14th September 1828.