The Institute of Verdi Studies in Parma was established in 1959 on initiative of Maestro Mario Medici, in 1963 became public law body, in 1989 was renamed the “National Institute of Verdi Studies” and since 2002 is a private law Foundation.

The Institute aims to protect, enhance and disseminate the work and the figure of Giuseppe Verdi through various initiatives and activities.

Verdi is the main figure in the national and international culture of the nineteenth century and his work continues to enjoy an uninterrupted luck. The personality of the composer and his several interests emerge from his extensive correspondence.

The unitary conception of musical theater is the salient feature of Verdi’s dramaturgy and its novelty in the Italian tradition.

The genius of Verdi is also manifested in his ability to draw together experiences from other musical and literary traditions: English, French, German and Spanish.

The activities of study and research promoted by the Institute are carried out through its facilities (Library, Archives of Verdi’s correspondence, Archives of Visual Aid, Musical Archive), through the publication of periodicals and books, the organization and the realization of congresses and meetings, study meetings, courses in collaboration with universities and other cultural institutions, auditions by record companies, art shows and through the management of the International Award Rotary Club of Parma “Giuseppe Verdi”.

Strada Macedonio Melloni, 1
43121 Parma