Giovannino Guareschi was born in Fontanelle di Roccabianca in 1908.

The memory of his native land was always fresh in the mind of the writer, journalist and caricaturist.

The lowlands are indeed protagonists in his tales as mush as Don Camillo and Peppone.

Guareschi was also a renowned gastronome.

In 1957 he opened a restaurant in Roncole that was run by his son Alberto until 1995.

The inn and the surroundings are the places where today the Club dei Ventitrè (The “Club of the Twenty Three”) gathers, the association of fans who manages the promotion of his work, so called honouring the “Twenty three readers” Guareschi addressed to in his books.

Here is preserved the archive of Guareschi, constituted of more than 200,000 documents, and is also set up a permanent antologic exhibition that provides documentary evidence about his life and works with the title “Giovannino nostro babbo” (“Giovannino our dad”) handled by his son Alberto and his daughter Carlotta.

Via Processione, 160
43011 Roncole Verdi