Built in the XV century on the ruins of a pre-existing church, the Collegiata includes a treasure consisting of sumptuous vestments, silverware and several valuable items and that’s why it’s one of the richest churches in the country.

This magnificent fifteenth-century building, externally decorated in the Lombard style with fine tile and internally restored according to eighteenth-century taste, besides being a valuable treasure trove for various artworks, represents an important milestone for the artistic eeducation of Giuseppe Verdi.

It seems that by the death of the maestro di cappella Ferdinando Provesi, the young Verdi returned to Milan from Busseto, interrupting his studies to take the role of his old master.

The title, however, was treacherously entrusted to Giovanni Ferrari Guastalla and Verdi was very disappointed.

It is striking to walk through the aisles and think about the uproar that had raised such matter in the small and large community of Busseto.

The town was divided between the pros and cons Verdi, led by his mentor Barezzi and all members of the Busseto Philharmonic.

In the land where Guareschi wrote the exploits of Don Camillo and his rival Peppone, it was already a tradition to split into factions and partisanships … for one reason or another … history always repeats itself .

Via Gaetano Zilioli, 49
43011 Busseto