To understand a little of the passion for Giuseppe Verdi in Parma we cannot take a step back in time and travel until 1958, when at the sandwich bar “Grotta Mafalda”, not far from the Teatro Regio, a spontaneous group of enthusiasts of Verdi elected this place as conference room for discussions on the beloved Maestro and his works, accompanying the debate with the culinary delights of that place.

The group, watched with curiosity from the rest of Parma, grew; the members alternated as years passed by, as well as locations, more suited to the musicofile activities that were gradually increasing.

For years the group is known as the ” Club 27″ number of active members and the number of works attributed to Giuseppe Verdi.

Each member of the club during the meetings is identified and is named with a Verdi opera and debates with others on the works themselves or on the many initiatives that the Club continues to maintain Verdi’s opera and a landmark in the community of Parma also through codified rituals and the charm of the Risorgimento.

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