This late gothic gorgeous church ordered in 1470 by Marquis Pallavicino, together with the annexed Franciscan Monastery, in spite of its simplicity and poverty, is rich of art and has been the scene of important events.

In the church we can admire a precious cycle of sculptures in polychrome terracotta made ​​by Guido Mazzoni.

Santa Maria degli Angeli was attended by Verdi since he was a child and it was here that Verdi performed in 1836 in an amazing organ concert in front of Busseto of his “faction”, during the heated controversy over the role of “Kapellmeister” of the Chiesa Collegiata

Here also, Don Paolo Costa is buried in a tomb, located in the soil of the churchyard, close to the wall of the facade from the right as you enter the front door.

Via Ferdinando Provesi, 33
43011 Busseto