Many things started here…

The young Verdi played the organ in this church of early medieval foundation, which got its current appearance in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. An organ built in 1757 by which the young Verdi practiced under the guidance of Pietro Biaistrocchi.

Many friends came to visit the Master in this church to try to play where he had placed his hands as a child and Verdi himself was fond of the instrument, witnessed by the fact that on October 22nd, 1900, the great Maestro of Roncole sent a photo of the organ restored with his assistance to Filippo Tronci.

He, who had done the work, with the following dedication “To the Cav. Filippo Tronci, who offered himself spontaneously as restorer of this organ, which I played when I was a child. G. Verdi, S. Agata, October 22nd, 1900“.

But the experience of Verdi does not stop there. Inside the bell tower there are some documents of Verdi.

On the tower is a plaque which recalls that in 1814 Giuseppe and his mother took refuge there, saving themselves by troops of Austria and Russia.

Madonna dei Prati S. Michele Arcangelo, Roncole Verdi
43011 Roncole Verdi