You get to Roncole with some kind of awe.

The Verdis lived in these lands since 1700 and in 1812 this house has hosted Carlo Verdi and his wife Luigia Uttini: Giuseppe’s parents.

Certainly the landscape has changed a lot, but in countryhouses in the low area wrapped up by the fog and by the summer heat, it still seems to see a young Verdi running between the house of his parents and the nearby church of San Michele.

It is exciting to look at this house naked, poor, so different from ours, think of the farmers who lived there and that supplemented with the tavern situated on the ground floor.

They explained that in the taverns of the time they used poor meals, soups, onions, chestnuts and little else … definitely not fine wines and that these places gave a little company and refreshment to the poor farmers in the district.

The dignity and the culture of Verdi’s parents, however, had allowed them to understand that their son’s passion for music was not far-fetched idea, but something to be cultivated.

You can imagine how music played an important role in the life of this corner of the Po valley and the intuition of Verdi’s father was rewarded. But you can also imagine the sacrifices for buyng him the spinet, the eyes of the mother who listened to the little Giuseppe playing and took pride in his progress.

This corner of the world shows us how much we’ve changed (for the better) for standard living and how we’ve changed (for the worse) in sensitivity.

Frazione Roncole Verdi, 2
43010 Roncole Verdi