The Casa di Riposo per Musicisti is a home for retired opera singers and musicians in Milan

Verdi was a man with relentless temperament, a practical person and besides being a musician, he was also a great businessman with hard-edged and clear ideas.

Old and with a significant capital at disposal, Verdi was able to understand the need of many musicians who, in old age, could not afford a peaceful existence.

For this reason he decided to design and fund a retirement home in Milan for singers and musicians.

Founded in 1896, the structure was built in neo-Gothic style by the architect Camillo Boito, Verdi’s friend, but to the project and the needs of artists concurred the Grand Maestro himself.

Verdi was then buried in the oratory of the nursing home next to his wife Giuseppina Strepponi.


Piazza Michelangelo Buonarroti 29
20149 Milano