Di Stefano Bianchi (AIDA – Club dei 27)

Verdi’s parents ran a pub located in the same building where the musician was born and where they lived, in Roncole. Due to its proximity to the road that led to Busseto, the pub was a perfect place for travellers and merchants to rest, as well as for the locals to meet.

The young Joseph, called Peppino by everybody, often used to help his parents in the pub waiting on the tables, and – every now and then- he even stopped to look at customers playing cards, but he never joined in.

However, when it happened that some wandering musician played his instrument, Verdi used to stop whatever he was doing to run outside the house and enjoy those sweet notes.

One day, an old violin player, nicknamed “Bagarett”, impressed by the interest that the young boy showed towards his music, suggested Verdi’s father to let him study music.

We must say that he was right ….. “